How we care for them

Dry pruning

We do this during the period when the vines are resting, once the vegetative cycle is over, in the months of February and March. It consists of removing tendrils, shoots, old wood and other vegetative parts of the vine. We leave five or six inches per vine, with two clear buds per inch. These will determine the quality and quantity of the grapes.

Green pruning

At the end of May when the vine buds have opened, we go over all the plants in our vineyards once again to leave just 2 stems per inch. This improves performance and the quality of the grapes.

Removing leaves and secondary shoots

The idea of this next step for each vineyard is to remove excess vegetation alongside the bunches so they get more sun and air, avoiding undesirable diseases. This operation is normally carried out at the end of June or beginning of July, depending on the weather each year.

Green harvest

Once again we go back to the vineyards to separate and remove excess bunches that could harm the proper ripening of the ones we want to leave for our wines. Each vine needs to have the right number of bunches so that they can ripen properly, and it is very important that they do not produce too many. We usually do this job at the end of July or beginning of August.

We go back to the vineyards once again at the end of August to cut and separate the bunches that do not look the right colour or that, for some reason, we believe are not going to complete the ripening process we want.

As I have mentioned, all these jobs are done by hand and they need to be complemented with the ones we do mechanically with tractors and tools to weed all the vineyards so the plants can get all the nutrients they need from our land to produce our treasure: "OUR GRAPES".

The harvest

We do this manually in 16-kilo boxes which we palletise in the field, reaching the winery in an hour at most from the time they are cut.

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