Arrocal Máximo

Arrocal Máximo

Produced from the 70-year-old “El Portillo” patch from vines planted by the owner’s grandfather. The grapes were grown organically and only 2,000kg/hectare are obtained. The grapes are harvested by hand and the wine is made with native yeast in a 3,000-litre stainless steel tank, spending 20-25 days with the skins before pressing. The wine resulting from the pressings is discarded. It then goes through a 12-month ageing period in new French oak barrels. It is then transferred again to new French oak barrels where it will remain for another 14 months. Finally, a selection of just eight barrels is made for bottling.

VINEYARDS: “El Portillo” patch in the municipality of Gumiel de Mercado. Limited production.
HARVEST: Carried out manually in 16kg boxes in the first week of October, carried to the winery in 3,000kg trailers.
MACERATION: 20 days at a temperature controlled using water showers.
AGEING: 26 months in 200% French oak barrels.
BARREL TOASTING: Medium and medium plus toasting.
BOTTLING: 1 bottling a year.
HARVEST SIZE: 2000 bottles a year.
WINEMAKING DIRECTOR: Isaac Fernández Montaña.

TASTING: It is very difficult for it to live up to the expectations generated by a name like “Máximo”, but this wine manages to do so. The key to Máximo’s success is incredible freshness, despite its maturity and concentration. By that we mean the wine is notably bright, with an abundant acidity one would not expect to find in a wine of such sweetness and density. The aromas and flavours show black cherry and the classic notes of dark berries predominating in tempranillo grown in Ribera del Duero, which gets very hot in summer but which has a very good (although frankly cold) climate most nights. There are a lot of spices and smoked oak among the fruit signatures, and great complexity.

Ribera del Duero

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